Saturday, March 1, 2014

Images of 2014 IPE Dialogos E Interpretaciones III: The World

Marsha Shaw, Untitled, Serigraph

Jules Floss, Sybilla Europaea, HIPS Engraving

Brandon Sanderson, The Ride, Lithograph

Katherine Larocca, The Discoverer, Linocut

Ralph Steeds, Same Ole Parade, Lithograph & Relief

Marta Ospina, Mar Adentro, Linocut

Frieda Verlage, Untitled, Linocut and Chine Colle

Tim Znidarsich, Color the World, Linocut 

David Mohallatee, 03689774KLP, Polyester Litho, String, Stickers, Chine Colle, and Relief

Dennis Dalton, Carosel 1, Intaglio

Frances Crum, I'll Write You a Letter, Intaglio

M. Robyn Wall & Nathan Pietrykowski, The Deranged Sexlife of Printmakers, Lithograph

Vicky Brown, Primary, Relief

April Sham, Horse Power, Lithograph

Eric Euler, WithdrLOL, HIPS Engraving

Lisa Hamilton, Converging..., Intaglio

John Bergmerir, Nest Builder, Linocut

Brandon Smith, Us Vs. Them, Intaglio and Chine Colle

Ekaterina Gurka, The Lost Omi, Intaglio, Lithograph, and Serigraph

Jo Ernsten, Knowing, Collagraph

Margarita Rojas, Flora, Lithograph

Maria Ferreirat, Universo Desconocido, Lithograph

Melissa Pauliks, Just Let Go, Serigraph

Melvin Williams, My Own, Lithograph and Serigraph

Ashley Nason, Costal Camping, Lithograph and Silkscreen

Natalie Tarnowski, Assembly I, Serigraph and Lithograph

Nicole Scannell, Open Sea, Intaglio

Oscar Ceron, Blind Image, Metal Engraving

Peter Hay, Water, Water, Everywhere...and not a Drop to Drink, Intaglio

Sal Sidner, Toto La Momposina in Hollywood, Florida, Silkscreen and Linocut

Andrew DeCaen, Washing Dishes / Small Sink, Lithograph

Mary Kroetsch, The Girls, Intaglio

Maggie Burns, Still, Lithograph

Gustavo Armijo Vargas, Con Toros y Luna,Woodcut

Luke Ball, Under...Standing, Intaglio & Chine Colle

Penny McElroy, The Homeplace, Relief, Map, Photocopy, and Sewing

Raul Acero, Without, Relief

Suzanne Esposito, Rollercoaster, Linocut

Tatiana Potts, Caught in the Moment, Engraving and Monotype

Andrew Mullally, Untitled, Linocut

Farhana Shifa Ahmed, Lazy Afternoon, Dry Point

Jonathan Stewart, Sketch for Chemotherapy, Lithograph

Jose Darley Bedoya,  Cambios, Intaglio

Lani Shapton,  He Sent the Hornet, Serigraph

Roxanne Shea, Cautionary Tale, Woodcut

Bobbie Adams, Speak Softly, Collagraph and Stencil

Bertha Quiroz Martinez, Luis Caballero, Linocut

Fabio Castrillon Castro, Morador,Linocut

Marina Silva, Untitiled,Woodcut

Gladys Pernett Marquez, El Milagroso, Linocut

Rita Reisser, A Memory, Intaglio

Milena Alvarez Mejia, De la Serie Suenos, Linocut

Hannah March Sanders, Untitled (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Lino cut

Jennifer Padgett, Lapses, Intaglio

Jorge Rodriguez Orsorio, Funcionamiento del Poder, Intaglio

German Betancur Lopez, Ve-lo, Drypoint

Caroline Rodriguez, Red in a Dark World, Serigraph

Brooke Eisenbise, Down Lines, Intaglio and Collagraph

Florence Liu, Imprisoning, Relief and Chine Colle

Linda Santana, Coatlicue, Linocut

Abraham Camayd, Tubulencia, Solar Plate

Blake Sanders, Adrift Together, Intaglio

Elizabeth Lunday, Naked Lunch, Serigraph

Madeleine Samson, Espace Nomade, Lithograph & Chine colle

Becci Spruill, Inner Communion, Lithograph

Stefani Sykes, Savior, Intaglio

Lateesha Caswell, Deathly Dialogues, Relief

Daniel Mejia, Cihualtl-Ocelotl, Lithograph and Serigaphy

Nicole Pietratoni, A Glitch in the Matrix: Darwin's Finch, Serigraph

Catherine Clements, Channels, Collagraph

Eddy Lopez, Pajaro Negro (SR-71) / Icarus, Collagraph and Drypoint 

Heather Bryant, Speak, Hear, See No Evil, Lithograph