Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our 5 Year Anniversary

Hello printmaking friends,

The 2015 exchange was a huge success! It is currently on display at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. I have also been in contact with two other possible venues to add to the exhibition schedule.

Many of you may have been awaiting the open call for 2016. We have decided to celebrate our 5th year with a special invitational project. The open call will return in 2017. Hopefully, you will join us again in 2017.

Thank you for your continue support of this project and printmaking.

Jules and Jorge

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Images of 2015 IPE Dialogos E Interpretaciones IV

Abraham Camayd, La que ve, Solarplate Intaglio
Alejandra Escribano, Mundo Interior: Mirada Restrospectiva, Etching

David Afsah-Mohallatee, Untitled-0393248, Digital Transfer, Serigraphy, Mixed Media

Alexander M. Betancourt, Kontrollieren, Etching

Jules Floss, Feathers and Tails, Lithography

Paloma Nunez-Regueiro, 48th Print, Linocut

Ralph Steeds, Summers End, Lithography & Relief

Seth Dalton, Site VIII, Relief, Lithography & Serigraphy

Juan M. Henao, Sagitario, Etching

John O'Donnell, SymbolMen, Letter Press

Meghan O'Connor, Teeter, Totter, Pitch, Plumage, Serigraph

Atrayee Chattopadhyay, Cloud Girl, Linocut

Brandon Sanderson, Muse: Intaglio, Engraving

Kelsey Stephenson, Never Home, Intaglio, Chine Colle, Digital

Marsha Shaw, Formula for Beauty, Serigraph

Tatiana Potts, C is for Corinthian, Engraving

Lisa Turner, Object of Desire, Serigraph

Mary Kroetsch, Horsey, Intaglio, fabric dye, sticthing

Sally Richards, Moonscape, Aquatint

Devlin Caldwell, Born to Live, Etching

Frances Crum, When Last I Saw You, Lithograph & mixed media

Jonathan Stewart, Sketch for Muck, Lithograph

Marco Hernandez, El Maiz, Etching

John Bergmier, Light from Light, Linocut & digital transfers

Lindsay Riley, Lighthouse, Linocut

Marina Silva, Untitled (Passageway), Linocut on canvas

Andrew Reaney, Specimen II, Etcing (spit bite)

Dylan Roberts, Portraying a Contaminated Thought, Serigraph

Jolynn Reigeluth, Close, But No Cigar, Etching

Matthew Batty, A Caged Bird Stands on the Grave of Dreams, Lithograph

Kayla Seedig, Rituals, Serigraph

Natalia S.B. Rivas, Realidad Sustituta, Linocut

Autumn Wright, Slice, Relief, Serigraph, hand color

Paula Ocampo, Fantasia Embera, Linocut

Gonzolo Espinosa, La Espera, Serigraph

Farhana S. Ahmed, Through the Darkness, Photopolymer relief

Jorge R. Osorio, Yage, Etching

Karl Whitaker, Reach Thru, Laser Cut Intaglio

Lisbeth M. Pavi Pavi, Rata, Linocut

Lani Shapton, Duplicity #1, Photopolymer Intaglio

Lisa Hamilton, in search of,Serigraph 

Madelaine Samson, Espace nomade, noroit, Lithograph

Margarita Rojas, Sevie Flora, Lithograph

Maria E. Ferreira, Estrella Polar, Lithograph

Rita Reisser, for a long time, Serigraph

Sal Sidner, She Gives We Take, with Sun, Linocut

Daniela Sepulveda, Grabado, Linocut

Robert Delisle, sans titre, Lithograph

Vivian Mendoza, GOLDEN trAGEdy, Linocut

Bertha Quiroz, La Boda, Linocut

Laura V. Borrero, I Miss Your Touch, Linocut

Carolina Salazar, Desprendiendome, Linocut

Clara Velasquez, La lluvia Mojaba Nueatro Vestido, Linocut

Cesar Garcia Coco, Sello Enborrador, Relief

Diana Lopez, Anteros, Linocut

Eddy Lopez, Cerro Negro, Collograph, drypoint, ink jet

Catalina Gomez, Las Moritas, Dry Point

Fabio Castrillon, Campana, Linocut

Jessica Sanchez, Bicicletta, Linocut

Natalia A. N. Olaya, Caja Toracica, Linocut

Julio Munoz, la ultima gota, Linocut

Anglea Arias, Instrucciones de Seguridad #3, Etching

Marta Ospina, Regata, Linocut

Michael Ehlbeck, Repulse Bay with Dog, Sculpture, Udders, and White Hand, Linocut

Michael Voors, Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome, Etching, Dry
point, Roulette

Catherine Clements, Dialogos, Relief

Michel Avila, Las tres edades de la Mujer, Etching

Penny McElroy, Tomando tus Cojinetes, Photopolymer relief, hand color, wallpaper

Diana Fayardo, Cuerpo Connatural, Linocut

Raul Acero, Suenos, Photopolymer relief

Manuel Guerra, Untitled, Etching

Raul Monarrez, Vultus enim radices meum, Relief

Samuel Garcia, La Reina ensu Gloria Perpetua Y Malentendida, Dry Point

Jonathan H. Augdelo, Sin Titulo, Relief

Eric Euler, Time, Relief

Adriana Patino, Idilios Amorosos, Etching

Kelsey Livingston, Hey Bae, Relief

Hanna G. Ramirez, Ven Hice Te, Linocut